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आप दुबलिकेट वेबसाइट से बचे दुनिया का एकमात्र वेबसाइट यही है SM Study Point और ये आपको पैसे पेमेंट करने को कभी नहीं बोलते है क्योंकि यहाँ सब के सब सामग्री फ्री में उपलब्ध कराया जाता है धन्यवाद !

Bihar Board Class IX English Book | Class 9th Panorma Chapter 1 | Dharam Juddha (Arjun Dev Charan) | All Answer Questions

Bihar Board Class IX English Book  Class 9th Panorma Chapter 1  Dharam Juddha (Arjun Dev Charan)  All Answer Questions
S.M Study Point
A. Work in small groups and discuss the following: 
Q. 1. What forms the identity of a woman in the society? 
Ans. A woman can make her identity in the society separately by her labour skill and works. She may not depend upon the woman for her identity. For exps. we see the great back singer Lata Mangeshkar, great heroine Asha Parekh, IPS Kiran Vedi etc. are the women who have their identity without having a woman or without getting marriage. 
Q. 2. How is marriage related to the identity of a woman?
Ans. Our society is dominated by the men, so the identity of the women is related to their marriage. After marriage the women are known as wife, mother, grandmother etc. which identity themself in the society.
B. Answer the following questions very briefly : 
Q. 1. What was the question that Padma wanted to know from her parents?
Ans. 'What is the identity of a women' the question that Padma wanted to know from her parents.
Q. 2. How many brother and sisters did Padma have ? 
Ans. Padma was only child for her parents and had no any brother and sister more.
Q. 3. Why was Padma unhappy with her father?
Ans. Padma learnt that her father cared more for money then for her, so she was unhappy with her father.
Q. 4. For whom is life hell according to Padma's mother? 
Ans. According to Padma's mother a woman where husband is dead, her life is hell for her.
Q. 5. What, according to Padma, is the identity of the human race ? 
Ans. According to Padma, identity of a woman is the identity of the human race.
Q. 1. 'Father cares more for money than for me'. Why does Padma say so? Have you ever felt like Padma ? Explain.
Ans. Padma was the only daughter of her parents. Her father was thinking according to the culture of the society in which girls are to marriage with paying money and joys. So her father was caring her money and collecting for her marriage. Padma was not happy with her father for his such behaviour. So, she says so. No, I have ever felt like Padma. 
Q. 2. What, according to Padma's father, is the identity of a woman? Do you agree with him?
Ans. According to Padma's father the marriage is the identity of a woman. No, I do not agree with him. According to me the marriage should be necessary for the creation of the society but it does not give the identity of the woman. A woman can also develop her identity without having her marriage. We know some personalities like Lata Mangeskar, Asha Parekh, Mother Teressa etc. Who love their identity without having their marriage.
Q. 3. What question did Padma ask that her mother calls senseless? Why did Padma's mother call it senseless? Explain. 
Ans. The questions what if one does not get married. Padma asked her mother called senseless. Padma's mother was the lady of old thought who knew that woman cannot be identified without her husband and her life is linked with his husband she has cherished the bond.
Q. 4. What is the injustice that Padma talked about? 
Ans. A woman whose husband is dead her life is hell for her is the injustice that Padma talked about.
Q. 5. Sketch the character of Padma.
Ans. Padma is a young educated girl. She feels aggrieved and agitated by the uncharitably orthodox attitude of the society towards women. She wants to know that if there is equal powers for man and woman, then why marriage is only identity for a woman. Why an unmarried man is venerated and called a saint while an unmarried woman is called immoral and wanton. Though she is a child of her parents but she is not happy to her father who collects money for her.
Q. 6. Padma's mother is the true image of a typical traditional woman. Elaborate.
Ans. Padma's mother knew that her identity was linked with her husband and she has cherished the bond. She knew that there is no imagine of a woman without a husband. A woman is identified only if with her husband. If her husband is dead.her life is hell for her. She also knew that women have no right to ask questions. These are the examples which show that Padma's mother is the image of a typical traditional woman.
Q. 7. Discuss the main idea contained in the text.
Ans. The main idea in the text is the identity of a woman. 'Dharam Juddha' is a traditional story in which a women is identified through her husband after marriage. If her husband is dead her life is hell for her. She has no rights to ask questions and has to obey the orders. Padma an educated girl has no similar feelings like her mother. She wants to know that if marriage is not happened for a girl has she no identity in the society. She knows that a woman has similar rights in the society like a man has rights to produce her identity without having marriage.
Q. 8. Why is the lesson called "Dharam Juddha" ? Give reasons. 
Ans. This lesson is discussion of a family whose parents have only daughter. The daughter asks them some questions related to the identity of the woman. She is also not happy to her father who cares more for money than for her. Her mother a traditional lady was not happy to her daughter's questions and does not agree with her. So the lesson is called 'Dharam Juddha".
Q. 1. An unmarried man is venerated and called a saint, while an unmarried woman is called immoral and wanton. Is it justified ?
Ans. No, it is not justified. In the society both have similar rights to alive, so such difference is not justified.
Q. 2. Both men and women are equally important for the human society. Do you agree?
Ans. Yes, I am agree with the fact that both men and women are equally important for the human society. We cannot imagine a society in absence of anyone in the both. For the creation of new generation and regularities of societies. There is necessary the presence of both. 
Q. 1. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on the status of women in our society.
Ans. According to our constitution both man and woman have equals rights. There is not any barrier in the society for the women. But the typical traditional culture and the uncharitably orthodox attitude of the society try to oppose the contributions of the women in the society. Somewhere, there is different between girls and boy in the society which is not true in fact. A society can be developed if all of the persons can contribute for the society. Some persons think that men are to go out and women are to live in home, which is not justice. Both men and women should got equal rights to develop the society. A country is still developed where there is all women and men are developed.
Q. 2. Write a letter to your friend, emphasising equality between men and women.
Dear Ranjeet Kumar
Chhotaipatti 01.07.2022
I have just received your letter and heartiest pleased to read it. You have detailed about a gril who has stood first in your class. Really I am greatful to read it and congratulating that girl who has stood first in your class. I feel that if girls make free to do their works freely they can do better. A society always runs upon the soldiers of the both men and women. If one of them will weak the society will also be weak. An educated girl can do better not only in her class and society but she also contributes as a good and responsible mother, sister and daughter. So, there is need of giving the chance both boys and girls to contribute for the society. Our constitutions has also given the similar rights for both and government has proposed many kinds of programmes for the girls. We should co-operate the government's programme for the girls and develop our society.

Lastly, I congtratulate your's class topper and thinking you to give such information.
With lot of love and good wishes.
Address :
Darbhanaga, Bihar
Your loving friend
Bittu Sir


D. 1. Dictionary Use:

Ex. 1. Correct the spelling of the following words :

Ans. identiti - identity

doughter - daughter 

bestowe - bestow

marriag - marriage

deferrent - different

sensless - senseless

bargen - bargain

injustive - injustice

socity - society 

Ex. 2. Look up a dictionary and write at least two meanings of the following words-the one in which it is used in the lesson and the other which is more common.

money, husband, saint, save, hell, wanton, child, venerated

Ans. money coins, paper money. 
save - keep safe from loss or injury, saving. 
child - newly born human being, boy or girl. 
husband - man to whom a woman is married. 
hell - home of devils and of dawned soul after death, condition of great suffering or misery venerated to reverence, to worship. 
saint - person distinguished for holiness, holy person. wanton-thoughtless, immoral.
D. 2. Word Formation :
Make ten words by using the suffix '-less'.
Ans. sense + less = senseless
care + less careless
flaw + less flawless
harm + less = harmless
word + less = wordless
picture + less = pictureless
foolish+less = foolishless
cheer + less = cheerless
ink + less = inkless
paper + less = paperless
D. 3. Word Meaning:
Find out the words from the text which have the following meanings :
1. a person of great holiness .............nt
2. unchaste .............on
3. treated with respect ................ed
4. to hold as dea for equals a place for ............... on
5. individuality ................. ty
6. unreasonable .................. ess
Ans. 1. saint, 2. wanton, 3. venerated, 4. cherish, 5. indentity, 6. senseless
D.  4. Phrases :
Read the lesson carefully and find out the sentences in which the following phrases have been used. Then use these phrases in sentences of your own.
1. care for, 2. for one's sake, 3. in any way, 4. what if, 5. for quals, 6. a place for bargaining
Ans. 1. care for - Father cares more for money than for me. We should care for our health. 
2. for one's sake - He does all this only for your sake. They do this work for their sake. 
3. in any way - I am act in any way different from him. In any way I can not do this work. 
4. what if - What if one does not get married ? What if he does not go to school. 
5. for equals - Rights are for equals. made for equals each other.
6. a placce for - They are Why is a house considered a place for bargaining?
Total that give in the Textbook.
Q. 1. Find out the safeguards given to the women by the Indian Constitution.
Ans. Indian Constitution has given many safeguards to the women. According to Indian Constitution women have similar right like men. There is no any difference between man and women. Indian Constitution has defined that women could go and work anywhere in the country. These are some reservations to the women for their developments. Some posts in Civil, Railway and Other sectors have reserved for the women though they develop their moral and contribute in the development of the country. Daughters have right in their parents properties like the sons.
Q. 2. Find out the name of at least five persons who tried to reform the condition of women.
Ans. The persons who tried to reform the condition of women are : Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Swami Sahajanand Saaswati, Kiran Bedi, Mother Teressa. 
Translate the following sentences into English :
1. चोरी करना पाप है।.
2. बिना टिकट यात्रा करना दंडनीय अपराध है।
3. भूल करना मानवीय है, क्षमा करना दैवीय है ।
4. तैरना एक अच्छा व्यायाम है।
5. सुबह में टहलना स्वास्थ्य के लिए लाभदायक है
6. बड़ों का आदर करना हमारा धर्म है ।
7. सिगरेट पीना स्वास्थ्य के लिए हानिकारक है।
8. गणित सीखना कठिन नहीं है।
9. दूसरों की सहायता करना हमारा फर्ज है।
10. बिना हेलमेट पहने स्कूटर चलाना खतरनाक है।
Ans. 1. It is sin to commit thief.
2. Travelling without ticket is crime.
3. Forgetting is humanity to forgive is divine.
4. Swimming is a good exercise.
5. Walking in the morning is beneficial for health. 
6. To respect the elders is our duty.
7. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health.
8. It is not hard to learn mathematics.
9. It is our duty to help others.
10. It is dangerous to drive scooter without using helmet.

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